Are you losing a million dollars?

We create and manage courses for people that don't have time to do it themselves

Not offering a course is costing you a million dollar$

Search the internet for "how much money can you make selling online courses" and you'll get that courses make between 1k and 10k per month.

And you already have everything you need!

The difference offering a course makes...

Offering a simple course not only provides additional income security, no matter what the economy, but it also provides your company and customers with...

All of this is, "done for you", without sacrificing your already limited time.
And you already have everything you need!

It's what we do

We have been there.

We've had courses that flopped and had no way of managing all of the complexities.

But, over the last 5 years, we have developed the Foolproof Course Creation Method that systemizes the entire process of course creation and management. It will help you avoid the time-consuming complexities of offering courses. (and help you keep from pulling out your hair)

It's what we do!

3 easy steps to get started

1. Schedule a call to get your course started.

2. We will develop your course.

3. Offer your new course to the world!

It can be that easy, and it is.

Here is how we do it...

At Only Results Matter, we know that you want to continue to demonstrate that you are a leader in your field. In order to do that, you need to build on that authority by offering a course. 

The problem is that you have a "day job"! (running your business)

So your time is limited. 

So, you don't have a course to offer.

So, you are losing that additional "mostly passive" income stream. (courses are projected to earn $325 Billion by 2025)

We believe that you shouldn't have to do without both. (Your time and the money) 

We understand that there is more to do than there is time to do it, which is why we use the knowledge and skill that you already use in your business every day to develop a course offering for you that will WOW your customers.


Here is how we do it:

Step 1: you make a call for us to discuss the specific course that you want to create. Look at what you have and what will be needed. (we have a quick and easy checklist that gets to most of it) 

Step 2: We then use our Foolproof Course Creation Method to put everything together into a course that blows your socks off. We will pilot it to a sample audience to get a feel for what needs tweaking and then tweak it.

Step 3: Now it's time to reveal your course to the world. We will help you get it into the hands of customers, who will immediately benefit from your skill and knowledge!

We will:

You can count on us to help with marketing and sales material like:

Your customers will never get the benefit of your knowledge if you don't get the course into their hands.

Call to set up an appointment so you can stop losing that income and start getting it by offering your course. Do it today.