Need A Training Department But Not Full-time?

We provide "fractional" Traning Services so you have a training department only when you need it!

Your business shouldn't suffer because you don't have a full-time training department!

Hiring people is expensive. Not training employees is expensive. 

Training departments are expensive.

But there is great news!

We provide Fractional Training Services. 

So what the heck does that mean? 

A fractional training service is a type of training service that provides training on a part-time or "fractional" basis, rather than on a full-time basis. 

So, you will get all of the expertise and experience of a training department, but you won't have one on the books.

Our training services provide:

It's what we do

We understand that it's expensive to have a training department and sometimes you still can't get the experience, tools, and expertise to make it all go well.

But, over the last 5 years, we have developed the processes and systems that enable us to make sure that your employees get the training they need, designed like they need it, all recorded and tracked.

You will get a completely functioning and managed training "department" that's only on the books when you need them.

It will also help you avoid the time-consuming complexities of trying to hire professionals that can get the job done. We all know how difficult it is to hire qualified people these days.(and help you keep from pulling out your hair)

We will do it, It's what we do!

"Honestly, now I don’t dread training!"

Our training process was cumbersome and time-consuming. So much so, that you only wanted to do whatever it took to “check the complete box”! 

Not enjoyable.

Jace has taken us from there to a better experience that makes the training more enjoyable to complete.

For instance, Jace has integrated the training and testing into one module that utilizes videos, voice-overs, interactions, and some reading by the trainee.

This process has made it much more enjoyable and less time-consuming. Honestly, now I don’t dread having to take the courses, which in turn, I know that I am now learning and retaining the material and not just checking a box.

David Scott, American chemical company

3 easy steps to get started

1. Schedule a call to get your course started.

2. We will develop a plan based on your needs.

3. Keep everyone well-trained and up-to-date!

It can be that easy, and it is.

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